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Laura Rinnankoski

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International Life & Relationship Coach 

Coaching in English, Spanish, Finnish & Italian

My name is Laura Rinnankoski and I'm a Certified International Life & Relationship Coach, a Certified NLP Practitioner & Motivational Speaker. I give one to one sessions in person and over Skype as well as group workshops & courses in English, Spanish, Finnish & Italian. The reason that I speak all these languages is because I was born in Finland, grew up in Venezuela, studied in Boston, then lived in Miami and now I live in Dublin, Ireland... so I consider myself a citizen of the world!  My dream and vision is to use my international background and 5 languages  to help people all over the world! ...

What I Specialize In


Life Coaching


Relationship Coaching


Breakthrough to Love

6 Week Course

For everyone that wants to improve the relationship that they have with themselves which will then improve all relationships in life, and if you are single, it will help you attract a loving person and relationship into your life.