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We are surrounded by relationships in our everyday life... with our parents, our siblings, our extended family, our friends, our work colleagues and our partners. The better the relationship is that we have with ourselves, the better all the relationships in our lives will be. The only way that you will be able to manifest a loving relationship with someone, is by loving and accepting yourself first... it is the only way... there are no short cuts to this. You can only share with someone, something that you already have inside of yourself. Many people look for someone else to complete them and make them happy... but the truth is that nobody else can complete you and make you happy... you have to be complete and happy within yourself, to then be able to share that with someone else.

When a client is having trouble with relationships, one of the first things that I focus on is finding out what the beliefs of the person are. Your beliefs are incredibly important and powerful because they literally shape your reality and your life. Many times we can have limiting beliefs that we are not even aware of... and these beliefs can block new people and relationships from coming into our lives. I guide clients to become aware of any limiting beliefs that they may have and release them... and I also help them integrate new positive beliefs that bring about massive beneficial changes. 

         One to One Coaching Session Testimonials



Laura and I have been friends for a long time. I can truly attest to her beautiful and resilient spirit. It is an honor and a blessing to know her both on a personal and professional basis.

I reached out to Laura during a difficult time in my life. I had a calling to seek her guidance based on her professionalism and approachable character.

Throughout our sessions we explored spaces that had been deeply repressed and difficult to face. She was consistent and loving while at the same time strong and persistent on reaching those inner feelings. She brought light and positivity to every session and helped me see the way through many emotions that at the moment seemed dark and hopeless.

Laura is a blessing in every way. Kind and encouraging. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards this beautiful soul.
Patricia – Miami, Florida


I originally started coaching sessions with Laura for help with my fears over intimate relationships. She helped me to see that the most important relationship to nurture is the one that I have with myself and gave me a series of practices to enable me to achieve that.

Nancy – Dublin/Brussels


I recently had a Skype session with Laura Rinnankoski regarding some issues I was having in my relationship.  Laura was such a calming influence as I was at a major crossroads and was extremely stressed regarding my relationship.  She coached me on both the positive and negative attributes to the current situation and greatly helped me to get an understanding of both my own and my partners' roles. I would highly recommend Laura as a Relationship coach as she really understood my predicament and gave me life tools that saved us.  I will be forever grateful. Many blessings.

Grace – Dublin/Paris


Thank you so much Laura for the coaching session as it opened my eyes to a whole new level within my relationship with my darling husband. I have known in my head and in my mind for a long time that the relationship with ourselves determines the quality of our relationships with others. After our session, it moved to my heart and the shift literally happened within days after our session. Keep spreading your magic Laura xx

Fidelma - Dublin/New York


Laura's coaching cuts straight to the point. She will challenge you in empowering ways, make you think about things in a different light and offer helpful practical advice for living a happy life.

Emer - Dublin/Boston 


Laura’s coaching is an insightful reminder on focusing on the positive, checking in with yourself and your thought process on things and how it affects everything and encouragement of each-other on things in general. If you are doing a bit of soul-searching or would like to open up and explore your viewpoint in a supportive environment, then you will enjoy this. 

Claudia - Dublin/Madrid


Afterwards I felt positive about my future knowing that anything is possible and that it's OK to dream big.

Andrea - Dublin/Milan 


I enjoyed this because it reminded me of simple but profound life principles such as: forgive myself, be true to myself, be in the heart, share from the heart, be authentic (even when this means to be vulnerable). It all comes down to the heart and the relationship with ourselves, because what we get from our relationships is what we put into them."

Sandra - Dublin/Rome 


Beautiful and inspirational. It was a great event that allowed sharing of interesting thoughts and strategies for improving health from a holistic perspective. Nice people, great presenters, and comfortable venue. Many thanks!

Pedro – Dublin/Miami

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