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"I must admit I wasn´t sure about taking the Breakthrough to Love course with Laura because even though I have been single for many years, I didn’t think I actually needed a course to find love. However, when I listened to Laura talking about her course on the radio and how important it is to visualize our dreams on a daily basis using for example a vision board, I thought “that sounds fun, I wonder what I would include on mine?” I decided to give it a try, and I must say it has been a great investment. The people on my course are so nice and friendly that it was easy to talk to them and share so many thoughts and feelings without any shame, also I found a group of people dealing with similar issues than me, wondering what to do with our lives and how to find love and acceptance. It was only 6 sessions but it was enough to make friends for life and to find that inner peace that I needed to accept myself and share the best of me with the people around me. Yes, I’m still single, but I did find love. I love me. So, thank you Laura for everything. Keep sharing your courses with that amazing energy and that lovely smile!"

Dayla - Dublin 

"I am feeling grateful this evening that I am and have been attending "Breakthrough to Love"! I have been staying in a lot more and making my nest much more comfy and am feeling more love inside myself and feel that when I am out in the world I am much more engaged with others from the heart. Thank you Laura and the whole group for being such wondrous conscious honest beings making the journey easier... much love"


Greg - Dublin 

I recently had a Skype session with Laura Rinnankoski regarding some issues I was having in my relationship.  Laura was such a calming influence as I was at a major crossroads and was extremely stressed regarding my relationship.  She coached me on both the positive and negative attributes to the current situation and greatly helped me to get an understanding of both my own and my partner's roles. I would highly recommend Laura as a Relationship coach as she really understood my predicament and yet gave me life tools that saved us. I will be forever grateful.

Many blessings.


Grace - Dublin

Beautiful and inspirational. It was a great event that allowed sharing of interesting thoughts and strategies for improving health from a holistic perspective. Nice people, great presenters, and comfortable venue. Many thanks!


Pedro - Dublin

“It is a great privilege to have Laura as a coaching mentor, she's an extremely intuitive, empathetic and insightful person who brings the best out of people and fills hearts with infectious positivity and enthusiasm.

The course was a wonderful and enriching experience which gave me better perspective and confirmed some of the knowledge that I already had. The new information that I received  helped me see the bigger picture of my life and relationships.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is curious about self discovery as well as enhancing their approach to relationships and life in general. It is a great platform to tap into your own true potential, getting more clarity on particular aspects of self improvement, being confident in your own skin, and enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you"

 Elizabeth - Dublin

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