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Breakthrough to Love

If you are serious about

improving the relationship that you have with yourself and finding a loving relationship, then this 6 week course is for you! 

6 Week Course

For everyone that wants to improve the relationship that they have with themselves which will then improve all relationships in life, and if you are single, it will help you attract a loving person and relationship into your life.

You have probably heard it countless times... You have to Love yourself first, in order for anyone else to love you. This statement is so true and it gets reflected in all areas of your life. The most important relationship that you will ever have is the one with yourself...  as all the other relationships that you have in your life are a direct reflection of the type of relationship that you have with yourself. The more you love, honor, and cherish yourself, the more other people and the world will love, honor and cherish you. When you are truly aligned with yourself and your life purpose, you will start attracting amazing events, people and circumstances into your life! 

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So it will be a total of 12 intensive hours and the course will be run for 6 consecutive weeks

This course is suitable for single people and also for people that are in relationships. 
We work with many different tools to understand ourselves better and the patterns in our lives and relationships. 
You will be fully supported and guided by myself and the close knit group who will all be on the same journey. Group consciousness is very powerful and we will help and guide each other in a safe and confidential space.
I have heard many single people complain about being single... but many don't do anything about it and don't take concrete action to change it.
The definition of insanity is when you keep on doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. 
If you are serious about changing your single status and finding a loving relationship, then you must take concrete action to change it.

Radio interview with Ruth Behan on Dublin City FM 103.2

Radio interview with Ruth Behan on Dublin City FM 103.2
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Here is the podcast from my live radio interview with Ruth Behan on Dublin City FM 103.2 where we spoke about relationships and my Breakthrough to Love 6 week course for people that are ready to manifest loving relationships into their lives. 

Testimonials from the last workshops

I did my first workshop with Laura over six years ago. I had been single for over five years after recovering from a car crash. I was very negative, cynical and I hated myself and the idea of being with a man disgusted me. The theme of Laura’s workshop was about learning to love one’s self before one can truly love someone else. This seemed perfect for me at the time, I had no idea how to love myself or care for myself. I was always looking for love and recognition in other people instead of myself. Laura’s workshop made me want to be a better person for myself and my future partner and it made me want a healthy relationship. We discussed the qualities that we wanted to find in our next partner and also the qualities that we wanted to bring into our next relationship. I learned about self love and compassion and I learned to slowly let go of who I was not and embrace who I was. Shortly after, I created a profile on a dating website and I opened myself up to the possibility of finding love. A few months later, I met my current partner. I was able to let go of the self loathing, open up and be a kind and loving girlfriend. We have been together for over six years now and I still talk about how Laura’s workshop prepared me for this relationship. I cannot recommend her workshops enough. Love yourself first and before you can love someone else. Care for yourself before you can care for someone else ... Words of wisdom. Thank you Laura, I am very grateful <3
Zoe – Dublin/Seychelles


Hi Laura, thanks so much for this wonderful workshop with yourself and Danielle. I loved the mix of Astrology, Life Coaching and Synergy Dance and the way you combined these beautiful teachings and practices. I rediscovered my fascination for astrology and it made me realise that I would love to dive deeper into this area 😊 The group of women was amazing and the energy of every single soul made this an unforgettable experience. I loved the way you were holding the space for everyone in the group to open up and share their stories, struggles, hopes and dreams. I believe every single one of us took away a lot for themselves to move forward with a bit more clarity and an open heart to receive from the universe ❤️ The day was flying by and I didn’t want to leave at the end 😅 Thanks for this fabulous day, making new connections with like minded women who left this workshop feeling empowered and grounded as well as ready and excited to live their dreams 🌈❤️
Julia – Dublin/Berlin

Past workshops include:

- Relationships with Eoin McCabe (Co-Founder of the Irish Lifecoach Institute)
- Relationships & Numerology with Numerologist Grainne Tyndall
- Manifesting your Intentions with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chanting, Feng Shui & Coaching with Patricia Lohan  
- Empowering yourself with Coaching & Yoga with Grainne O'Kane
- Chakra Balancing with Coaching & Essential Oils with Patrycja Kurzynska
- Coaching & Synergy Yoga Dance with Danielle Vierling  
- Brand New Shiny You - Coaching & Nutrition with Ciaran Ryan  
- Breakthrough Day with Matt Traverso 
- Breaking Self-Limiting Beliefs with Patrycja Kurzynska 
- Creating your Vision Boards
- Health & Wealth Breakthrough with Matt Traverso  
- Self-Empowerment with Coaching, Yoga & Essential Oils with Grainne O'Kane
- Setting Your Intentions for the New Year using Coaching, Astrology & Synergy Dance with Danielle Vierling
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